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Can you digg it?

Its crisp and cool outside, warm and stuffy inside, but here I am, slightly altered, attempting to offer up some clever idea or thought. Tis the nature of the web that every individual that writes a blog is basically standing on a stage in front of billions with their fly open. Why do it? My reason for doing it is so that fifty years from now, in some filthy nursing home outside of Tampa, an old, decaying narcissist can look at his own picture, next to his own words, and say through his rusted trach ring, “I’m a goddamn genus.”

Digg.com is a community weblog, but its much more. Looking at the site for the first time, I don’t see anything impressive about it. Its got that crappy web 2.0 look, where everything looks… well kind of like this. The news items on Digg are presented not hierarchicallly (sorted by relevance or chronologically in descending order), but these qualities are immediately apparent. This is due to Digg’s novel (well I’m not sure how novel) ranking system. As you scroll down the page, scanning the stories, you can click ‘digg’ next to the stories that you liked or that grabbed your attention. If a story doesn’t manage to arouse interest, it is sent into purgatory and stays there. The stories that get a lot of ‘diggs’ go to the front page. Its kind of like life, isn’t it? I also like that Digg records your diggs and categorizes them, sort of like a social bookmarking site.

Now, Quantum Statement brings you a video that only a true science geek can appreciate.

video [via]


March 4, 2006 - Posted by | Blogging, Humor, novelty, Web 2.0

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