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MyBeef with Myspace

Myspace has changed its policy on embedded flash content.

Now, when you embed a YouTube Video or a Google Video into a friend’s comment, it says you have to wait for your friend to ‘approve’ the comment before it gets published. My friends have told me that they have inadvertantly deleted people’s comments because when Myspace alerts the user that he or she has a new content with embedded flash, the message is confusing and leads the user to believe that this is some kind of fraud or scam. Comments are deleted. I deleted one comment that had a video in it before I could approve it and three people I know did the same thing.

Is this a hiccup that Myspace is working to fix? Or is this their response to the lukewarm reception given to their new MySpace Videos section. This new service co-opts the technologies behind YouTube and Google Videos to deliver user-uploaded videos in embeddable flash players. And as with Youtube and Google, these videos can easily be integrated with a Myspace Profile by cutting and pasting the embeddable video code. These are the only two things that Google Videos and Youtube have in common with Myspace Videos.

Finding any decent content on Myspace is futile. There are hardly any videos of quality, let alone videos not depicting a lousy webcam shot vlog of a stupid lush behaving like an idiot. The videos look like crap when you watch them: lots of chunkiness and video noise. Uploading videos to MySpace couldn’t be more difficult. I have to click through three pages of steps before I can upload the video. I tried uploading several videos and none of them worked. To add insult to injury, each time the file upload failed, I would have to start again at page one. And lets not forget the ominous tone of this warning…

Note: If you upload Porn, your MySpace.com account will be deleted.

Although I’m itchin’ to know what the company that brought us close to fascism deems pornographic, I am going to give Myspace the benefit of the doubt. That is, I will not forfeit my MySpace account if they roll back the new guidelines on posting embeddable content. MySpace… you’re on notice!

UPDATE April 30, 2006 @ 23:16
The Youtube video I posted showing Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report was taken down. C-SPAN, the owner of the video, claimed Youtube infringed on its copyright; however, they have permitted Google Video to show the same video. [via]

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